Weight not volume or pieces should be the criteria for charging

The airlines correctly measure the weight of the luggage while charging the passengers, since the fuel consumed by the airplane directly depends on the weight of the luggage and passengers.
However for some taxi services in goa, they are charging by the number of pieces of luggage which is not correct
Like the airplane, the fuel consumed by the taxi also depends on the weight of the luggage.
Some bulky items have a large volume, like plastic containers, yet they are light in weight. So one person may have one luggage weight 15 kg , and another person may be having 4 luggages weighing 1 kg each
The person who has 15 kg luggage weight will consume more fuel, yet the luggage rule makes the person carrying a large volume light weight items pay more.

Lifting heavy luggage is a major problem while travelling

One of the biggest problems faced while travelling is carrying heavy luggage
while airports have trolleys for luggage, in railway stations and bus stops, this can be a major problem for a traveler
Compared to men, most women can lift less weight
So women have to use the services of a coolie or travel light. Alternately they prefer to travel by air