8 bananas will weigh 1 kg, are fairly heavy

While shopping for fruits and vegetables, it is important to consider the weight
Usually fruits and vegetables are fairly heavy,especially fresh fruits
For example 8 bananas of the green variety will typically weigh approximately 1 kg or more depending on their size
So after purchasing the bananas, and other vegetables, it is difficult to lift and carry anything else
A person who is suffering from shoulder pain and does not have any vehicle has to be very careful while shopping, to avoid damaging the muscles and soft tissues

lifting and carrying most potted plants is difficult since they are very heavy

One of the main problems faced while shopping for plants is that they are very heavy
Most of the plants are sold in grow bags and pots, with mud , and the weight of the mud is more
Typically the weight of the mud alone for each pot is 500 gram or more
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Hence she is limited to carrying three or four large plants at a time.

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