Weight carrying capacity of most bags is not specified

Bag manufacturing in india is largely unorganized and not scientific
Some women use bags for carrying many heavy items, like paper documents
If the weight of the items in the bag is more the designed capacity, the bag will break quickly
It is very inconvenient for a woman if the bag breaks while traveling or outdoors
Yet the designed capacity of the bag is almost never specified, so that a woman can choose a bag suitably.

Even a small watermelon will weigh 3 kg

People having shoulder pain, should carefully monitor the weight of the items which they carry.
One of the items which they should avoid to the extent possible is carrying a watermelon.
Usually even the smallest watermelon available will weigh at least 3 kg. So a person who is carrying additional items and does not have any kind of vehicle, should avoid carrying a water melon in his or her bag.

Bag straps break off when the bag weight is higher

Since most bags available in india, do not specify their designed weight carrying capacity, the only way a person can get these details is by trial and error.
If the bag load is more than the designed capacity, the bag straps will usually come off
The process is gradual, and should not be ignored at the initial stage
Repairing the bag is also a waste of time and money.