People with shoulder pain have to plan the weight of their shopping carefully

Due to savings theft by the well paid ntro employees led by mhow monster puneet, the domain investor is suffering from shoulder pain caused by carrying heavy bags in the last eight years
Hence all the shopping has to be planned carefully, so that the weight carried is lower than the pain threshhold
So for each trip outside the house, the items which have to purchased have to planned well in advance, their weight estimated so that there is no pain or less pain

with no public transport citizens forced to walk long distances carrying heavy shopping in panaji

Though most of the lockdown has been lifted in panaji, goa, there is almost no public transport. So people who are travelling to panaji for shopping have to carry heavy weight for a long distances, which can cause health problems.
Most people can carry 4-5 kg without a major problem, higher weights cause shoulder pain.
Additionally there are no benches in public places, where people can rest
There are many senior citizens, especially women who walk long distances, and there are no benches where they can rest for a short time, when they feel tired