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Product Range of Azcet (from mailer)

Product Range of Azcet (from mailer)

Laboratory Balances

Industrial Scales

Laboratory Instruments

Ultra Micro Balances

Table Top Scales

UV/VIS Spectrometer

Micro Balances

Platform scale

Rotary Evaporator

Semi Micro Balances

Counting scales

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Analytical Balances

Flame proof scales

Digital ABBE Refractometer

Split Type Balances

Heavy duty 4 load cell scales

Table Hardness Tester

Precision Balances

Pallet scales

Precision Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Top pan Balances

Tank weighing systems

Melting Point Apparatus

Industrial Precision Balances

Weigh bridge


Moisture Analyzer

Weigh pad

Automatic Polarimeter

Electronic Densitometer

Digital Crane Scales

Water Purification System

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