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Grow bags thrown from the terrace to avoid fake dengue allegations disintegrate

In panaji, goa, powerful scammers like the sindhi scammer family of panaji school dropout cbi employee naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh are considered high status, the police and health department is blindly believing all their fake dengue allegations to cover up their banking, online fraud
The shameless sindhi scammers are always looking for excuses to criminally defame their neighbor after committing real estate, banking fraud on them.
The shameless sindhi scammers did not object for more than 5 years, when their neighbour was keeping pots, grow bags on the terrace for a terrace garden though dengue disease existed earlier also
Only in 2020, when his xerox shop business was shut down due to covid panaji top sindhi scammer naina’s xerox shop owning husband pran chandan, started hysterically making fake dengue allegations and threatened arrest since the health department and police are allegedly on his payroll
So the neighbour was forced to clear the terrace at short notice,
Carrying all the grow bags down is time consuming and tiring, so they were thrown from the terrace
The grow bags are not designed for being thrown from the terrace, and most of them have disintegrated , again wasting money
Though the sindhi scammers do not pay any money for the domains including this one, google, tata , indian internet companies have allegedly got the sindhi scammers raw/cbi salaries only for making fake claims of domain ownership , while the real domain investor