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Lift indicates 6 people capacity, yet only 4 people fit in it

Most lifts are mentioning how many people the lift can accomodate at a time.
In some lifts, it is mentioned that 6 people, 408 kg is the capacity of the lift.
In reality only 4 people can be accomodated in the lift at a time.
If the persons are fat or are carrying bags, luggage with them, the number of people who can use the lift at a time will be further reduced

Due to weight limitations, some people make multiple trips to trade fair

Every year, usually during the first few weeks of december, the panaji fest or fair is held
The venue of this fair is changing, sometimes it is held at the campal parade grounds, otherwise on the river mandovi banks.
This fest is right time to shop items which can be used for the rest of the year like nighties, bags.
So some money is saved every month, for spending at this fest
However, one of the main limitations during this fest is that the shopper can only carry a limited weight of the items purchased.
So some shoppers like the domain investor have to make many trips to the fair.
In december 2019, the domain investor, a private citizen, had to make 3-4 trips since she can only carry 6-7 kg comfortably at a time.

8 bananas will weigh 1 kg, are fairly heavy

While shopping for fruits and vegetables, it is important to consider the weight
Usually fruits and vegetables are fairly heavy,especially fresh fruits
For example 8 bananas of the green variety will typically weigh approximately 1 kg or more depending on their size
So after purchasing the bananas, and other vegetables, it is difficult to lift and carry anything else
A person who is suffering from shoulder pain and does not have any vehicle has to be very careful while shopping, to avoid damaging the muscles and soft tissues

lifting and carrying most potted plants is difficult since they are very heavy

One of the main problems faced while shopping for plants is that they are very heavy
Most of the plants are sold in grow bags and pots, with mud , and the weight of the mud is more
Typically the weight of the mud alone for each pot is 500 gram or more
Since the domain investor was tortured while taking driving lessons in goa, she has to use public transport for transporting the plants
Hence she is limited to carrying three or four large plants at a time.

indian, goan government,R&AW, ntro making fake claims about goan bhandari RAW employee sunaina chodan, PROSTITUTE duping domain registrar, registries and ICANN

kindly note that allegedly bribed by google, tata, indian, goan government,R&AW, cbi, ntro making fake claims about slim goan bhandari RAW employee sunaina chodan, PROSTITUTE duping domain registrar, registries and ICANN that the google, tata sponsored goan bhandari panaji PROSTITUTE sunaina offering sex services to ntro employees who has not spend any money on domains in her life, owns the domains of a private citizen, single woman engineer, google competitor and domain investor, to pay the goan bhandari call girl a monthly raw salary at the expense of the private citizen who is actually paying for the domains for the last 8 years

Since R&AW, cbi, ntro are extremely vicious in CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the real domain investor who is paying Rs 4 lakh for domain renewals alone annually, and pampering, reward the panaji call girl sunaina, the domain investor is forced to clarify and alert people, countries and companies about the indian government fraud since no raw/cbi employee is associated with her in any way at all, they consider her low status after criminally defaming her

the russian website has also confirmed that R&AW employee sunaina chodan, is a call girl,who is helped by her powerful relative pritesh chodankar, who is making fake allegations of black money, when shoulder pain limits the amount of shopping which can be done, due to the heavy lifting involved

Carrying heavy bags to prevent robbery at home, domain investor is unable to check fruit quality

Though the powerful relatives of the bengaluru brahmin raw employee housewife nayanshree hathwar are aware that the domain investor is making money legally, they are ruthless in harassing her, criminally trespassing her house and stealing items so that nayanshree continues to get a salary without doing any work
Hence the domain investor is forced to carry heavy items with her to avoid wasting time searching
Lifting and carrying heavy items limits the mobility of a person
For example while purchasing fruits, it is difficult to check the quality of the fruits, because the domain investor is forced to carry heavy bags, since google, tata and their associates are always robbing items from the home when she is away

The fruit seller is taking advantage to sell poor quality fruits to the domain investor
For example unripe papayas are dumped on the domain investor, who finds it difficult to check the quality of the fruits, since the heavy bag are affecting the mobility
This results in further wastage of money

Carrying heavy bags limits the mobility of a person

One of the major problems caused due to home intrusion, in panaji, is that citizens have to cary their papers with them, and this adversely affects their mobility.
Most women are carrying the bag on their shoulder to keep their hands free
However with a heavy bag it is difficult to balance or bend
For example while shopping for fruit or vegetables, it is difficult to bend down to check each fruit
The fruit seller takes advantage of this to dump poor quality fruits on the buyer

Rampant home intrusion in panaji, makes it difficult to keep things at home

One of the major problems living in panaji, is how home intrusion is rampant.
Since the government is also robbing the memory of the domain investor and others, the intelligence and security agencies in panaji and their associates are stealing whatever they wish from the homes of citizens using the duplicate masterkeys which they have.
Most people are not aware of this problem, so they keep everything at home.
Then if someone has taken it away or hidden it, they waste their time searching.
For example a senior citizen is wasting time searching for his passport
So others who are aware or have lost a lot due to indian government employee robbery are carrying papers with them, and hence they lift a lot of weight

Shoulder pain due to damage to soft tissues

Many women carry a bag on their shoulder, since it is convenient while shopping and doing other activities
However if the bag is heavy and they carry the bag for a longer period of time, they will suffer from shoulder pain
The shoulder pain is due to the damage to the soft tissues of the shoulder
It will take a few days to recover from the shoulder pain, if nothing is carried on the affected shoulder.
If other items are carried on the same shoulder, the shoulder pain is likely to worsen

Weight not volume or pieces should be the criteria for charging

The airlines correctly measure the weight of the luggage while charging the passengers, since the fuel consumed by the airplane directly depends on the weight of the luggage and passengers.
However for some taxi services in goa, they are charging by the number of pieces of luggage which is not correct
Like the airplane, the fuel consumed by the taxi also depends on the weight of the luggage.
Some bulky items have a large volume, like plastic containers, yet they are light in weight. So one person may have one luggage weight 15 kg , and another person may be having 4 luggages weighing 1 kg each
The person who has 15 kg luggage weight will consume more fuel, yet the luggage rule makes the person carrying a large volume light weight items pay more.