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Like most people, the domain investor was carrying her heavy bag on her right shoulder. Yet this caused injuries or damage to the shoulder muscles, tissues, and it was paining her, when she carried heavy items. So stopped carrying two bags, and started carrying only one bag , on the left shoulder.

In addition to slander, financial fraud, cybercrime, the indore officials/leaders supporting indore cheater raw employee deepika/veena, and other raw/cbi employees are also using radiation to damage the body of the domain investor, engineer, hoping to kill her quickly. When the domain investor was in goa, it appears that mahesh who is associated with raw employee deepika/veena was paying Rs 37000 to the security agencies, and elsewhere he may be having a similar deal for radiation torture.

When the domain investor spends more time writing without a break the shoulders are targetted using radiation beams. Additionally shops are told to sell heavy items. The severe left shoulder pain began after the domain investor had purchased heavy books. While the domain investor may have slept on the shoulder, there is a possibility that it was intentionally damaged.

At first the domain investor thought that the problem would get healed in a few days, so she did not take any medicine. It appears that there was some inflammation as well as infection and the pain became intolerable.

The very intense pain made it very difficult to sleep at night. It was also very difficult to comb the hair properly, since the arm could not be lifted above the shoulder. Taking a bath and changing the clothes was also difficult because the arm could not be lifted.

So though it may adversely affect productivity and income, it is better to rest the arm when it starts paining so that the damaged tissues can get healed

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